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It turns out that both Sally and myself contributed our stories later than usual.  But that’s okay, right? Here is my story.



Debbie Stanton


Hello—my name is Lynda. I wrote this description of myself as part of a homework assignment in

Lynda (Photo by Sabina Sturzu on Unsplash)

my photography class. My teacher, Fran (who told us to call her that; forget using a last name with her), came to my parents’ home today in order to take photos of me doing the assignment. That is me, taking a photo. My parents’ home is the building behind me.

Today is an abnormally warm autumn day. That’s why I’m wearing a cotton shirt when normally I’d be in a fluffy down coat. The air is heavy with moisture. I expect rain today, that’s for sure.

Fran wants me to enter one of my photos into the contest at the local camera shop. She thinks I’d be a good candidate for winning the prize. However, I’m not sure I can win. I am just an average, run-of-the-mill photographer.

The Forest (photo by Harvey Robinson on Unsplash)


This is the shot Fran took of me in the forest nearby. I brought a coat and red hat along so I’d wear something that would stand out in the green surroundings.

This forest was beautiful. Green and brown were all I could see, with maybe a hint of sky peeking through. The ferns were so fresh looking, and apparently, droughts stayed away from the forest this year.

Fran told my class that a penalty for being lazy was losing chances to learn and grow in life. She said that photography can brighten our world and its people. People’s perspectives might change if they saw our photography. I don’t know if I want to change people’s perspectives, but I do want them to have an understanding of conserving our natural resources and taking good care of the earth in all its forms.

I think it all comes down to enjoying the outdoors of the country in which we live. There are so many nice places to explore without having to take a foreign vacation.

The part-time job I have while I’m going to university is being a domestic for a tremendously rich old couple. It’s a sweet deal, actually. My room and board at their home saves me a lot of money. I also don’t have to put up with meals in a dorm. Still, I don’t imagine I can afford much travel at this point in my life. Maybe after I graduate, I will have enough time and money to travel.

As you can probably tell, this assignment was to describe what I’m passionate about, and to take a photo related to that. When Fran asked if she could take a photo of me, she said that we would go to a place of my choosing.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and especially forests and woods, so that’s why we came to my parents’ home, because woods were nearby. I guess I am passionate about living things (which can be more than just people). Maybe that was the whole idea of the assignment—to spark a little introspection about what do I really love and think about often.

Nature is my passion, it turns out. I hadn’t really put two and two together when I chose the forest as a good place to take a photo. But this I know: I will never be a lazy person. I look forward to learning and growing even more.

Thank you, Fran.

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