Family Time


Hello dear readers,

Here’s an awesome poem from Sally. Unfortunately, I couldn’t post the image Sally sent me, which is a photo of the broom, a pretty yellow, large shrub.




Sally Stackhouse


They sat together as the flames heated their faces

They sat around on the ground all different ages

From babes in arms to uncles and aunts, several cousins

With cushions and blankets to soften the rear portions


The gentle sea breeze ruffled their hair

Cooling down the hot summer day into the night air

The elders were waiting for the food to be digested

The youngsters settling in laps feeling relaxed and rested


This was an important part of their family

A time to talk and feel carefree

An evening of memories to treasure

A time of laughter and pleasure.


The animals were, in the main, good

Loki, the Huskita hassled for food

Bailey the Border Collie was in a mood

Gently coaxed into playing with a new toy

Soon became a bundle of joy

As surprises went the party was a hit

The night held its own ambience in the moonlight 

Packing up the food and various extra blankets and chairs

Dowsing the flames of the fire pit from blazing to the last flare

  They walked home absorbing the vanilla smell of the broom*

Following the vibrant yellow flowering shrubs in bloom


Kisses, hugs, cuddles and maybe a few tears

As the families disappear

Into their cars to travel home and bed

Promises to meet again were said


Dates would be arranged

And probably changed

Another few months or even a year

Would go by in the blink of an eye

But the family would remember

This night of love and affection forever


*Broom is a large shrub of heaths, open woodlands and coastal habitats. Like gorse, it has bright yellow flowers, but it doesn’t have any spines and smells of vanilla.



Word count: 256



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