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Mayor Lindley’s daughter, Cindy, enjoyed writing. As a young woman, she sit at her desk and wrote for hours every Saturday. A small houseplant kept her company in this adventure. A face drawn on its pot, even including eyeglasses, helped her to smile. Her mother had died not too long ago, and writing helped her to wipe away the tears that came upon her so often now.

As Cindy wrote more and more and got involved in a writing a delightfully-complex book, she more or less “lived in her head.” Mayor Lindley was lost in his grief as well, and holed himself up in his study. He wasn’t aware of what was going on in the other rooms in his house. If he had been aware, he would’ve reminded Cindy to eat. Cindy didn’t have siblings or cousins or anybody, really.

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Cindy didn’t know what it was about Sundays, but they were special. Cindy always put her journal and a book or two into her bicycle basket. She’d pack a few food items in the basket as well, and off she’d ride to a local park. She made friends with a local boy and his macaw-lookalike bird.

Last Sunday morning, Cindy left a note for her father on the kitchen table. The note read: “Gone to the beach. Don’t worry, I’m bringing food and water along.” Cindy wrote for a long time and made great headway on her book. She filled a brand new journal to its very last page!

Cindy shook out her hand and munched on an apple as she waited for the sunset. Sunsets were very pretty this time of year. She hoped it would be orange again like last night. It would look perfect in this month of October.

Cindy’s wish came true–she saw a truly beautiful night sky. She took it all in and called it a day. When she got back to

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her bedroom, she noticed the condition of her houseplant. Now this formerly green and happy plant looked like it would die soon. Cindy felt bad for the neglect she had brought upon the plant.

Because she expected a soaking rain overnight, Cindy put the plant on the patio. Hopefully, the plant would be healed and with her book done, her life could return to normal albeit without her mother.

Life would go on, and Cindy would continue to write. She planned on checking on her father’s grief journey to make sure he was okay.

More than a day in the week, Sundays helped Cindy to heal.

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