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It’s Never Too Late


Debb Stanton


Some of us don’t want to talk to the doctor about our concerns

let alone visit him or her

so we don’t make an appointment

We blindly put it off because “I can always do this later”


Please don’t put this off

The life you save can be your own


Even more of us don’t let our emotions show

We figure our loved ones know how we feel

“I don’t want to get emotional” we say

and skip the opportunities to make sure they know


Please don’t put this off

The lives you can brighten belong to the ones you love


Probably all of us harbor unforgiveness

We feel justified and replay the scenes in our minds

“I didn’t deserve that treatment,” we say

and wonder why life just feels…off


Please don’t put this off

The peace you crave can be yours


Time is no respecter of persons

its swift passing is part of the dilemma

If we don’t intend to do the things that will help us

Then someday, it will be too late

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