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Coming Soon: Poetry Sundays

Poetry | Poetry Sundays

My sister (Sally Stackhouse, whom you’re familiar with) and I are switching things up!

Every third Sunday of the month, we will not be publishing stories, but poems. The first Poetry Sunday is October 17th.

Poetry accepted

  • rhyming
  • freestyle (non-rhyming)
  • haikus
  • limericks
  • poetry that tells a story (with a limit of four stanzas)
  • any type, really

Length requirements

No minimum length. Maximum length: 100-200 words


You will be notified approximately a week in advance. Themes will sometimes be included as part of the prompts.

Not accepted

Like our stories, only family-friendly poetry will be accepted.

Where to send your entries

stantonsunshine@gmail.com by noon on the third Sunday of the month (Central Standard Time Zone of the U.S.)

Please consider submitting a poem or two!


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