Weekend Disturbance

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“Weekend Disturbance” by Sally Stackhouse 


The climate in England wasn’t always conducive to caravanning, so Rob had parked the mobile home in the garden.  Clara could still pretend she was on holiday every weekend. She would do the housework on Saturday morning and then relax on the outside seating area, dressed in her very pretty lace outfit. There would be no censorship from her hubby, he loved seeing her wearing this elegant but seductive outfit.  Her mother might have other ideas.

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It was just such a shame that after several years of marriage the biology wasn’t working, no babies but Clara would not give up hope and until then she would enjoy their relationship and their free time together. 

Rob was such an outdoor type of person and loved nothing better than trekking up the mountains.  He always sent her wonderful pictures of the views he was looking at.  Sometimes

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Clara wished she was a bit more adventurous but she was a dyed-in-the-wool, straight-as-an-arrow, home body really.  She loved nothing more than having all the comforts of home with some of the pretence of camping.  She’d do very well glamping.  

Her peace was disturbed as she heard the sound of a car engine coming up the lane.  It stopped outside their gate and as the driver got out of the vehicle Clara took a deep breath when she heard her mother’s strident voice berating her father on his driving skills.  As stoic as ever, Frank took it all in his stride, with a cheery smile and a wave at Clara with a slightly raised eyebrow he waited for the inevitable discourse on what Clara happened to be wearing.  

‘What a lovely surprise, mum.  You didn’t let me know you were coming over today.’

Clara thanked the stars she had baked a cake yesterday, she put the kettle on and invited them to step in to the caravan to partake of tea and cake.  A slight wrinkle of her mother’s nose as she made an effort to gracefully enter the narrow space where she promptly chose the best seat to sit in allowing Clara to wait on her parents. 

She knew they loved her but it was always difficult, if only Rob was here to help her out.  Her phone pinged. He was on his way home, the weather had broken and the rain was lashing it down, he was half an hour away.  Thank goodness! Now she’d have some moral support. 


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