The Anniversary

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THE ANNIVERSARY by Sally Stackhouse

On their tenth anniversary, Sue and Richard decided to celebrate a decade of wedded bliss by splashing out on a fancy restaurant.  Then, Sue noticed something that piqued her interest.  A mystery murder on a steam train!  She talked to Richard about it, he was a bit dubious at first but then agreed.  Anything to keep his lovely wife happy, you never know he might even enjoy it.  How they were going to serve a five-course meal on a steam train was beyond his comprehension. 

The day dawned.  Sue made him laugh as he unwrapped her present to him.  The tenth anniversary was ‘tin’ and this is what she gave him. 

A Man Tin.  He laughed at the ‘pointless stuff I must keep’ in his opinion that was more Sue’s department than his.  He prided himself on being rather good at only keeping what was useful and discarding old, worn out, blunt or otherwise useless ‘stuff.’  Sue on the other hand had drawers full of disorder and chaos, a compound jumble of stuff that she thought might come in useful one day.  

Of course, he had spoilt Sue as he usually did with a beautiful gold locket that she swore she would wear constantly around her neck.  She loved beautiful jewellery and trinkets and ornaments; in fact, he was at his wit’s end as to where he could build another shelf for all her ornaments.  There wasn’t a spare piece of wall anywhere.  

Then he had a brainwave.  He could strip the old wallpaper off the spare room walls, repair any plaster that was chipped away, fill and re-paper the walls.  He bounded downstairs after his shower and presented the idea to his loving wife. 

‘Richard, I am putting a ban on you starting anything today!’  She gave him ‘that look’.  She knew him too well.  He was just itching to get started but they had to get ready for their murder mystery event on the steam train.

Much to Richard’s surprise he thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially the food which was cooked to perfection and served on the swaying steam train without the servers spilling anything.  

To cap it all it was a themed Sherlock Holmes evening.  Such great actors and interaction from the passengers, clues to find and the murder to solve.  They went home very pleased with the evening’s entertainment.  



Word count: 393



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