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Amanda arrived at Aunt Nellie’s coastal home on Saturday.  It was just the break she needed or rather a change of scenery to work.  She looked out of the large window at the panoramic view, the waves lulling her senses into comfort and a more relaxing frame of mind.  When Aunt Nellie had asked her if she could house-sit for her for the next couple of months, she jumped at the chance.

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Working in town on a large project for the last couple of years had taken all of her energy, she felt as though she, Amanda, would disappear down a rabbit hole who couldn’t find her way out of the warren.  Every step she took was harder than the last one, every deadline was more and more intense.  Her boss took his weekends off but expected his staff, his underlings, his minions, to work all hours to complete the tasks he had set them.  It came to a head when he asked her to write the blurb for a magazine article featuring hot rod cars, a subject she knew absolutely nothing about and had even less interest in.  

On the positive side it meant she could spend some time around her cousin.  Bob had also been in to cars, he was a mechanic by trade and loved stock car racing so she met him and his wife and picked his brains remorselessly. 

During their time together they were able to have quality family time, a good catch-up.  Amanda heard all the family gossip, from the good to the downright bad and the ‘take it with a pinch of salt’ conversations.  Amanda didn’t have anything to contribute but did wonder what her story would be that would go through the family like wild fire. 

Putting all that aside, Amanda settled down at the table, laptop open in front of her and started typing furiously.  She re-read the words several times, went and made a cup of tea, dunked a few chocolate biscuits in it, read the contents again.  Washed her cup up, cleared up the biscuit crumbs, looked at the working again and, with a deep breath, pressed ‘send.’

There, her resignation would now appear in her boss’s inbox.  He would read it on Monday and probably have an apoplectic fit when he realised she would not be in the office then or any time in the future. 

Now, she thought, now was her time.  She picked up her mobile phone and rang her best friend.  

‘I’ve done it!’.

The squeals of delight from the other end of the phone put the smile back on Amanda’s face.  Freedom was such a relief.  The weight had been lifted from her shoulders and for the first time in two years she felt lighter, happier and more at peace with herself and the world in general. 

‘Thank you, Aunt Nellie,’ she offered up, for saving me.  


Word count:  483 


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