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Story Prompt for July 25, 2021

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The date you see is correct: we will not be sharing stories on July 18th. Maybe the extra time calls for a super-duper story prompt?

I’ve also made a picture for Sally and one for me for our stories. If you would like to submit a story written to the prompt, I can make a design for your story/stories, too. You could provide your own photo I could label, or I can choose one for you.

Let us get down to business, then. The new story prompt is:

Use these words and photos in your story:

wind          elapse          crutch          talk          young

Man sitting on a rock overlooking a body of water
photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash
girl walking on a rope bridge over a river
photo by Jasmin Ne on Unsplash
colorful housedress
photo by Finn H. on Unsplash

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