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“It Could Be Worse”

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Debbie Stanton

On this lovely and still July Saturday, Marie boarded her canoe on the far edge of her property. She steered it down the canal and rested her back against the boat. Marie pretended she was a lady of leisure complete with a parasol and handsome skipper.

Grateful she was out of the rat race of corporate advertising, Marie’s hands framed her face. She held them up as a producer does

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when he’s scouting out locales for his next movie. The pink water lilies formed a grove in their watery habitat. Monet must’ve loved them like she did, since they were a prominent feature of many of his paintings.

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Water lilies were a hardy flower, growing as far north as Edmonton, Alberta. Marie reminded herself she needed to be strong like them. At her former job, Marie found herself in many stressful situations. She shrugged just thinking about them. Well, people said the best revenge is a successful life. She could do that. One of the most successful independent contractors in the area, Marie had reached a safe, satisfying peace of mind.

Marie now possessed a freedom to complete projects like she wanted. She wasn’t tied down to anyone else’s schedule, and she prioritized projects for only herself. In total contentment, Marie closed her eyes and drifted. A couple of frogs darted from one lily pad to another, jumping close to Marie and waking her from her reverie.

There could be worse things, Marie told herself. Driving in awful traffic, putting up with office politics, and packing lunches every day topped the list. But out here on the water? Happiness abounded and glanced at Marie lovingly.

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