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Rules for Submitted Stories


Who can submit a story?

Everyone is encouraged to submit a story for publication on Mondays. I accept stories until Sundays at noon. However, please note I don’t edit anyone’s submission.

What kind of a story are you looking for?

Any story you write must use the complete story prompt. Copy and paste your story as a comment in my blog by Sunday at noon CST.

Where do I find the prompt to the stories?

Every Monday night I will post a new prompt. If you choose to participate in the submission of stories, they must be written and submitted by the following Sunday afternoon. The top of the story prompt post will say “Story Prompt for date.”

What are the prompts like?

Stories can be as long or as short as you like. They have to include the photo(s) (if provided) and all of the prompt words given. Write a story to include each prompt word which you should bold.

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