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Field of Flowers by Sally Stackhouse


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concrete shift braid loss rough shy


Lucy woke up from a rough night’s sleep, not helped by her vivid dreams, scary moments when she was running for her life.

She couldn’t understand why her brain gave her these images, especially at night when the loss of sleep made it difficult for her to concentrate at work.  She was sure her boss was aware of her lack of attention at times.  He nearly caught her dozing off at her desk several times this week.

Sheila sitting opposite Lucy tried to speak to her but because she was so shy her words stumbled over each and she had great difficulty stringing a sentence together in a coherent manner.  Lucy was patient and waited while Sheila fidgeted with her braid and then she said, ‘are you not well, Lucy?  Can I help you?’

‘How about we go for a coffee at the end of this shift?’ Lucy replied.  She would be more than grateful to have somebody listen to her.

Sitting outside on a cold bench bolted in to the concrete ground, they sipped their take-away coffees and gradually Sheila drew the information out from Lucy. 

Gazing in to the distance Lucy began to recount last night’s dream or rather the nightmare that she woke up from, bathed in sweat with her heart pounding away and feeling lost and lonely and very vulnerable. 

She described how she was running away from a man who wanted to kill her and she knew, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that once he caught her, he would end her life.  Her only hope was to find the field of flowers an angel showed her a glimpse of.

Lucy kept the image of the beautiful flower at the forefront of her mind as she ran, barefoot and heedless of her bleeding soles knowing her only hope of saving herself was to find the field of flowers.

The blues, reds and vivid hues of purple blooms interspersed with white blossoming flowers pulled her along.  She imagined she was holding a piece of string which was leading her to this haven. 

Sheila nudged Lucy, reminding her to sip her coffee and as she raised the carton of liquid to her mouth, Sheila held her other hand, squeezing it gently, reassuring and comforting at the same time.

Lucy had tears in her eyes as she smiled tentatively at Sheila, thanking her for listening and for being a good friend. 

That night Lucy had a good night’s sleep, nobody was chasing her and she woke up with the smell of fresh blooms in the air. 

She stopped in at a florist on the way into work to pick up a bouquet of beautiful flowers to thank Sheila.  The surprise she got when her boss informed her that Sheila had quit her job with no notice and wouldn’t be coming into work again flummoxed Lucy.  She couldn’t believe it.

When she stopped and thought about it though she was sure that Sheila was an angel in disguise and helped her through one of the worst periods of her life.

Word count: 511

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