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Story: Tomorrow Will Be Better

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Hello–my name is Marcy, and I live in the desert. Today my newspaper’s headline was about the weather, of all things. “Drought ends–rain will return,” it said.

When I was in the garage later, I checked on gardening supplies. Sure enough, I had returned my spade to its correct spot. I could actually garden again, soon, and I’ll be so happy!

I read in my favorite chair and ate munchable Snack Mix. What a perfect day! However, that good feeling didn’t last long. I developed a rash, and I started itching. That terrible feeling was awful. My whole body and even my face was covered with that rash.

I went into the bathroom to find my anti-itch cream. I saw myself in the mirror and noticed my scar again — that burdensome reminder of an actually good time with my grandparents at the lake.

After putting the cream on my body and my face, I put an old sheet down on the couch so I could lay on it and continue reading in peace.

I found an old CD and CD player in my extra bedroom, so I listened to a soothing CD as I was drifting off to sleep. I slept like a baby despite the rash, which wasn’t bright red anymore.

That is, I slept well until I heard pounding rain on my roof. My dog Muffy crawled under my bed when she heard the thunder, and with the lightening flashing and making it seem like daytime in my room, I couldn’t sleep anymore.

Tomorrow will be a better day. I won’t be eating anything that I’m allergic to, I’ll be able to garden, and my book and CD will be thoroughly enjoyed.

What are you planning for your tomorrow?

Photo by Duncan Maloney of Unsplash

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