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My Process for Writing a Book: Week Four

Debbie Stanton

Now we come to the place in my process where it’s nothing but editing, editing and more editing. Let me describe how I came to hire a new editor.

Last summer I began work with a lady who was described by my cancer book editor. My first editor said that this lady was a good writer and noticed every detail. So I hired this lady. She gave me a few good tips, and I kept them in mind as I was editing my book.

Then I really got my storyline jumbled and had the same thing in two places (on more than one occasion). I needed to have someone who wasn’t familiar with my story; someone who could help me make sense of things. I hired an editor who is in my writing group online, and his premise is “making a good book better.”

His report to me had generalities he found in my manuscript, such as POV (point of view), amount of dialogue he found, and he very nicely showed me the errors in some of my thinking. Now all excited, I started to begin editing — again. But lo and behold —

I had a brainstorm that I believed could help the book even more. My editor and I will speak about it, and then I’ll be off and running.

My hope in all this is to get the editing done so I can start publishing it. I don’t want any more ideas bursting in on the scene.

A month or two ago I decided this book should be followed by two books, and the three books would become a series. Lately, I have determined there are two more books to be written for the series. I’m happy about that, and I’m using two different (free) software programs that can keep all my scenes and characters straight. What a relief!

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