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A Visit With Marcy

Debbie Stanton | debbiestanton.com

Today’s editorial is in the form of a story. The editorial section is in italics at the end of the story.

Hello! My name is Marcy. If you want to keep me company while I wait out this migraine, pull up a chair. I can’t guarantee lots of laughter or answers to what’s-the-meaning-of-life questions, but I’m able to provide good thought-provoking questions. That’s easy for me to do.

          Being curious about even the simple things in life keeps me going. For instance, why does the dog in the apartment next door bark at nothing? Is he in his doggy brain wondering how come the dogs who walk on the sidewalk below have stopped walking by? It’s possible the other dogs think he’s a loose canon so therefore their walkers have made a new walking route.

          I think the dog next door has extraordinary talents. He can make my spine reverberate from his noise and my jaws ache because of my teeth gritting and grinding. I guess I’ll have to get my anger out in less hurtful ways.

          Maybe I can pretend I’m an opera singer (which I’m definitely not) so I can sing the high notes next to our common wall.  Or singing off key may help. Maybe then the dog would think that I’m the loose canon here and hide in the closet furthest from said wall.

          Hey, could you turn on my TV for me? Somehow my remote is not in this room. What would I like to see, you ask? Please turn on the Cartoon station and see if by chance Popeye is on. Seeing Popeye, but especially his girlfriend, Olive Oyl, would help me get away from it all—at least in my mind. We could imagine Olive Oyl, the very tall and thin lady with the black bun and long shoes, dancing at the rate of one forward step every seven seconds.

          Oh, you have to go now? Such a shame – you’ve been such good company for me. Do stop by again! And remember—you are loved. No, I’m not going to fight you on that. Just believe me, because it’s true. Take care.

Photo by Nathalie Ehmleitner of Unsplash

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