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Editorial: Communication

Debbie Stanton

Is it just me, or are people communicating less? I notice this in the area of eye contact. There is a lack of it in elevators and hallways of offices and in stores. The culprit: increasing focus of some people’s eyes on their smart phones. I even heard a true story of a pedestrian getting run over by a train simply because they were too busy looking at their phone to look up and pay attention. That is really unfortunate and sad!

At a theater I went to lately, the person I saw for a ticket said, “I don’t take credit cards at this window. You’ll have to go to Concessions.” I bought a ticket at Concessions, handed over my punch card for the theater (to get a free show after so many punches on the card), and was told that my card wasn’t valid, and the theater wasn’t running that promotion anymore. Yet inside the theater, the screen advertised (and my ticket, too) to be sure and sign up for the program.

This theater has always taken credit cards before.

Both of these young men were wrong because their manager hadn’t communicated to them all the ins and outs of their job, things they should know for good customer service. Another breakdown of communication.

Don’t even get me started on cashiers who don’t look up from their phones to greet me and of course, don’t have time to thank me for buying from their store.

What do you notice lately about communication, and what do you think is the cause?

Photo by William Iven

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