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Ways I Can Help You

Proofreading/line editing

If there are errors in books, magazines, newspapers, or on billboards–I am sure to find  each of them.  In person, in emails, and on Facebook, I use slang. But if a piece of writing is for the public’s consumption, I am very particular when it comes to  proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Authors:  I see many reviews on Amazon for books other than my own, and I  shudder when a reviewer states that there were way too many errors in the book. I agree.  What puzzles me most, frankly, is when an author heartily thanks his editor in the beginning of the book for a job well done. I always end up thinking that they need a new editor.

I would love to see very few reviews on Amazon that say, “All the mistakes in the book bothered my ability to enjoy the book.” I’ve said or thought something like that more than once. So for my part, I can help authors to avoid the negative reviews–one book at a time.

I find errors that Spell Check neglects.

I proofread the first chapter, or 8-10 pages of a manuscript, for free. See my style of proofreading and know if it matches your goals. If it is a good fit, then you will find that my rates are very competitive and fair.

Short stories and poems as gifts

It would give me great pleasure to create a new story or poem as a gift for someone in your life.  A blog hop that I was a part of gave its readers one prompt a week; it was fun for me to incorporate all elements of the prompt in writing a new story of a certain length.

What I would need for information: a description of the person that the story or poem would focus on, their dislikes and likes, and so on. Story books  could have as a theme the quality or behavior that a child is working on. How I wish that as a little girl, I could’ve found story books telling me that it is okay to be me, that I am good enough just the way I am!

Beta reading

If you would like me to look over your manuscript and give you an overall impression on your book, I beta-read for authors free of chargeA good beta reader never charges for their services and looks at the material with the eyes of a future reader–is this interesting? Is the plot convoluted or does it make sense?

I will give you my honest opinion on your manuscript. If I let you know that it would be a good idea to hire me as a proofreader, then consider that a plus.  If you present your editor with work that has been professionally proofread (remember my example of editors who don’t edit?), it will save time for the editor, and he/she can get right to the task of editing your book. The less time an editor has to spend on your project, the lower your cost will be.

The time factor

I am a busy lady who is a full-time employee during the day and a business owner in the time remaining. I have a family and pets and am an average person with demands on her time.

If there is a project you will need assistance with in the future, to ask for a quote now, rather than later, is the preferable way to go.  Clients’ projects are scheduled on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis, even if the project is a quote for proofreading or a beta reading assignment.

Juggling my career, business, and writing books forces me to add an extra fee to something you need done ASAP. In the case of someone else with an ASAP project already on the schedule, I will let you know so you can decide if you will wait a little longer or not.

Compassion is my key

I write with my heart as well as my head. I love people and treat them with fairness. I take on projects for others and treat the projects just like they were my own (but will never pass them off as my own!).

Your next step

If you could relate to what I wrote in the above, please fill out the form below. I will contact you at my earliest convenience so we can discuss your project.

Thank you!

Debbie (Debb) Stanton

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