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    Christmas Story About Cats

    SANTA CLAWS by Debbie Loesel Stanton   Zeke and Zoe, the charming one-year-old cats, had a discussion in early December. “I think we should get our cat mom, Joanie, to write a letter to Santa Claws for us. Didn’t we hear that Santa Claws is just like Santa Claus, how they both give gifts to young people and fur babies?” said Zeke. “Well, of course we should ask her, dear brother of mine, but how? She doesn’t talk Cat like we do,” said Zoe. “Neither does her special man.” Good point—you’re a smart kitty,” Zeke said and yawned. “But wait! Remember how Joanie and her husband adopted us? They did…

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    Almond Breeze Almond Milk–and Nog!

    For years and years, I’ve loved dairy milk. About a year ago, I discovered dairy doesn’t agree with me. I’ve used Almond Breeze almond milk ever since. I like the Unsweetened Original kind, and I’m in love with their chocolate almond milk. Guess what I found today? Almond Breeze has egg nog! Well, not the real thing, obviously, but probably close to it! Just in time for the holidays! They call it “Nog”, and I’m anxious to try it at Christmas. In the meantime, I’m on Day 6 out of 21 of my detoxification way of eating. It’s going well, and I’m starting to feel better. I looked online, and…

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    Health Alert: Toothpaste Allergies

    I never would’ve guessed it: people can be allergic to toothpaste. Rather, it’s the ingredients in some toothpastes that are the culprits. In my case, I’m allergic to cinnamaldehyde, also known as cinnamic aldehyde. What does this mean in plain terms? I love cinnamon rolls and can eat them with no harm but the calories; when a form of cinnamon is in toothpaste, it gives me  problems. In my case, I was eating at a restaurant with a friend when my reactions started. After months of using a certain toothpaste, my lips were constantly weeping; even wiping them off with a napkin didn’t help. How embarrassing! My dermatologist said I…

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