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Story: Love and Farming

One day a farming family drove to another area of their state, looking for one more farm to buy. When they got to their destination, they wondered if it was a joke. The farmhouse was desperately in need of another coat of paint, and the tractor looked so ancient that they guessed maybe it didn't… Continue reading Story: Love and Farming

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New Series: Stories

In my My Process for Writing a Book series, I described how I got the idea for the book I am now writing. In the last month of writing this book, first draft, I came up with even more parts of the book I wanted to include. It was wonderful, never having writer's block, but yet it was frustrating. I wanted… Continue reading New Series: Stories

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Editorial: Do You Return Emails Quickly?

In the time before emails, business letters were written the same day to answer a letter received, or at the very latest, the next day. Personal, handwritten letters were probably answered with a week. Now it seems that business letters are not returned as quickly, and sometimes handwritten letters are not written at all. (I… Continue reading Editorial: Do You Return Emails Quickly?

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Story: Tomorrow Will Be Better

Hello--my name is Marcy, and I live in the desert. Today my newspaper's headline was about the weather, of all things. "Drought ends--rain will return," it said. When I was in the garage later, I checked on gardening supplies. Sure enough, I had returned my spade to its correct spot. I could actually garden again,… Continue reading Story: Tomorrow Will Be Better