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The Course I Am Excited About

I first heard about this new course through a writing group I am in on Facebook, The Iron Writer’s Challenge. Jason Brick, our admin who wrote this course, is [I am humbled to say] my writing coach and mentor. He encourages me to the degree I never knew I needed. And now I can take his course! You can read about it by using this link:

I’m looking forward to this course to nail down exactly what my objectives are for my writing career. Mr. Brick has adequately worked hard to make his career in writing something he can be proud of, something that fulfills every dream he ever had about writing.

For the year starting November 1, 2019, I will be studying and working hard to be the best student I can be. The quality of any class is only as good as a student makes it. ‘Work hard, get good results’ is my new motto.

If you sign up for Jason’s course, tell him Debb sent you. By the way, space in this course is limited and sign-ups are ready to wrap up shortly.

If writing is your dream–in any capacity–may I suggest you choose this course as a valid stepping stone.
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