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Book Review: A Woman of Valor by Gary Corbin

I’d always been interested in police work and liked a few police TV shows, but I had never read in this genre until now. I wanted a change of pace from my regular reading, and I was very pleased to discover this new-to-me author. I loved the nail-biting suspense as well as factors of the human condition that this book gave me. This book looked to be very well edited and researched. I don’t like stories that immediately give the reader a sense of make believe (and the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about). This was not one of those stories, I am so happy to report.

This book had me rooting for the heroine and the people who loved and supported her. She emerged from her horrific past and overcame all odds.

As an editor and proofreader, I am always critical of mistakes I find in the written word, whether it’s grammar or spelling or in continuity. I found nothing wrong in this book. Score!!

I also appreciate this author’s ability to weave everything together. It’s like trying to solve a mystery with helpful clues: that’s how clear and organized Mr. Corbin’s storytelling skills are.

I am the type of person who deems a movie as good or worthwhile if I can shed a few tears while watching. During the reading of this book, I was delighted and thankful to find some occasions where my tears just had to come out.

I’m looking forward to reading Mr. Corbin’s other books. Believe me, not many authors get that ranking from me.

In a word? Bravo.

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