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Book Review: Accidental Knight by Nicole Snow

This book was about a young woman who finds out that when her grandpa died, she inherited his ranch, his business, and all his money–with one stipulation: she’d find out that she was already married (by paperwork) to his employee on the ranch. The heroine was attracted to the hero and vice versa, and finally, after they stopped telling themselves they cannot get involved with the other person, they allowed themselves to enjoy… a very complicated plot which Ms. Snow put together so wonderfully.

There was a big communication breakdown at the end, which set the wheels in motion for a great end of the book.

The ending was more stressful and scary than Nicole Snow’s other books, but I loved it. Just a good piece of writing! I enjoyed the whole book thoroughly, especially since were were given background information on the hero little by little, and I could see him growing as a person. Some of the other characters also changed for the better.

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