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Book Review: Built for Pleasure: A Contemporary Romance Box Set by Sarah J. Brooks

This boxed set called “Built for Pleasure: A Contemporary Romance Box Set” received a lot of good reviews, but maybe all the mistakes didn’t bother some readers. The missing words, incorrect words, and extra words took me out of the story so often the set made me dizzy. Here’s an example of one such mistake: words to the effect of, “I fed the baby a bottle of oatmeal.” She obviously meant to say milk — because how can a baby drink oatmeal? It looks like the author published her first draft right out of the gate without ensuring the books were readable.

Most of the storylines were good, with the exception of one of them did not have a HEA as advertised that all of the books had. The book started with a man she grew attached to, but in the end, it was she and her four “boys” that made up their “family.” The first guy, I guess, was no more important to her than the other three. With so many books on my Kindle, I don’t think I’ll be returning to this author for more.

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