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New Series: Stories

In my My Process for Writing a Book series, I described how I got the idea for the book I am now writing. In the last month of writing this book, first draft, I came up with even more parts of the book I wanted to include. It was wonderful, never having writer’s block, but yet it was frustrating. I wanted to make sure to finally finish this book and not have it delayed. So — that is one more way I come up with ideas — by random thoughts. Time spent doing work at my day job provided fertile soil for my story or book ideas to grow.

The other way I come up with story ideas is the method I used when I was a blog hop hostess. The other hostesses and I would take turns writing up story prompts once a week. Following a post, our readers could write stories that followed the guidelines: it had to be stories using either one random photo and five random words, or two unrelated photos. Limit of words per story was 500 words. The readers would send their stories in, and the hostess would publish them the next week.

After that, gradually the blog hop fizzled out to having just one out of the four hostesses. I started another blog and incorporated that blog hop again, but this time I changed the guidelines a little bit. Sometimes I put an 800 words limit on a story, or I had more words that had to be included in the story – eight instead of five.

I’ve had two loyal readers share their stories with us from my other blogs and now. They are Sally and Christine, both hailing from the U.K. Perhaps they will gift us with their stories again.

Next in the series: Using Prompts.

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  1. fizzy281 fizzy281

    Me too! It was a good discipline

  2. I miss the story blog hops!

    • Would you be interested in writing for it if I were to have another story blog?

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