In the time before emails, business letters were written the same day to answer a letter received, or at the very latest, the next day. Personal, handwritten letters were probably answered with a week.

Now it seems that business letters are not returned as quickly, and sometimes handwritten letters are not written at all. (I would guess they’re written by fewer and fewer people, myself included–and I’m a writer!)

What about emails? Is there a frequency code that people follow? I’m really lucky that my friends and I send and receive emails fairly quickly. If people are really busy, they may send a few words in response, such as “I have a situation going right now, I will write you later.”

On Facebook, people aren’t always efficient about returning notes on Messenger. I know I return messages on Messenger within 24 hours, but many don’t. Sometimes they are not returned at all.

I know everyone is busier now than they ever thought possible. Please check in with your opinion: do you agree with the examples I gave? Why or why not? What do you wish would change about the way we communicate?

Photo by Paul Esch-Laurent on Unsplash