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Book Review: Arsenic in the Azaleas

This book had some good characters that made me want to keep reading. The premise is a lady, down on her luck and with no place to live, gets to live in her grandmother’s house, and it is here where the mystery starts in a garden. This is a cozy mystery, meaning amateur sleuths in a small town try to solve a mystery. In this case, I felt the humor and funny characters in this book were the highlight more than the seriousness of the mystery they were trying to solve.


  • Sally

    Hi Debb, I’ve read one of Dale Mayer’s books back in 2016, it’s not a ‘cosy’ story but quite an interesting one. ‘Tuesday’s Child – A Psychic Visions Novel’ and it’s a full length story, approximately 464 pages. It’s quite a page turner albeit with some inconsistencies but still well worth a read. Sally.

    • debbie35_wp

      Hi Sally! I’m fascinated at Dale Mayer writes in so many genres. She is really talented! I especially love her Navy Seals books. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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