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Book Review: Red Mountain: a Novel by Boo Walker

This book is a wonderful collection of four storylines rolled into one. The pacing of the book is good, and it’s nice to read about each of the people represented with the storylines. After each character is introduced in their own chapter, the storylines get woven together in a logical and exciting sequence.

The book is about the area in Washington State that has Red Mountain, a geographically lush place where vineyards abound and so does small-town gossip and situations. It’s a very realistic telling of their stories that have the reader running the gamut of emotions.

Mr. Boo Walker is a good story teller, and I look forward to reading his sequel and other books.

The end of the book had some details neatly wrapped up, and some situational questions will have to be answered in the sequel. If you do not like cliffhangers…I think it will be worth reading the sequel.

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