I thought my first scene would include a blizzard that hit on a weekday, and the pharmacist had to take his female pharmacy tech home with him, because she lived 20 miles away. Her boss lived five minutes away and with the blizzard, it would take at least a half hour for them to arrive at his house.

I scratched that idea and gave the pharmacist two young children. Once the pharmacist became friends with this employee, she was able to visit them on a weekend. Now they could still be in a home atmosphere but without the blizzard.

Originally I thought the pharmacist would take his employee to his apartment for lunch since it was so close by. I nixed that when I added a facet to his character: he didn’t go for one night stands or fooling around during lunch time.

I knew from the beginning that the pharmacist would eventually take his employee home to his parents in another state. His mother would be standing at the sink washing dishes when they’d arrive, and a dish would slip out of her hands and crash to the floor due to her thinking she saw a ghost. Later on, I figured this lady would have a curious reaction to the employee outside along with her husband. This scene would be more potent the second way.

I’ve also added new characters to the story and needed to write more scenes to allow my characters to tell their story.

Writing my book is a balancing act: who/what to keep, who/what to delete, and who/what is needed or unnecessary. I don’t know what other authors do, but this is what’s going on with me currently.

Is there something about this part of my process you’d like to know more about? Anything you want me to discuss about writing in general? Be sure to leave a comment.

Photo by Simson Petrol on Unsplash