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My Process for Writing a Book: Week One

I’ve always been curious about people in general.

It was around the time when the movie “The Titanic” came out. While waiting in line at a pharmacy I watched the pharmacist. I wasn’t being creepy, just gathering information in my head so I could write a book. The book would be about someone similar to, but not actually, this pharmacist. I thought of so many scenarios with a character like this person, I knew it was time to write.

I didn’t know this pharmacist at all, and never saw him again, but the muse inside myself went to work on creating a world where this pharmacist would live and work.

Breast cancer hit me in August 2009. I started my first blog in 2012 because I was so glad to be alive. Cancer is the impetus I needed, apparently, to do the writing I always wanted to. I began with observations, poems and stories.

Fast forward to 2017, when I published my book about my cancer recovery. I thought, “Okay, my nonfiction book is out there in the world. Now I can write fiction!” My thoughts from 20+ years came back.

I was amazed that even with nothing written down, I still remembered the two scenes that had been written in my mind.

See the installment next Friday which describes how I chose the scenes I would use in the book.

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