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Health Alert: Toothpaste Allergies

I never would’ve guessed it: people can be allergic to toothpaste. Rather, it’s the ingredients in some toothpastes that are the culprits. In my case, I’m allergic to cinnamaldehyde, also known as cinnamic aldehyde.

What does this mean in plain terms? I love cinnamon rolls and can eat them with no harm but the calories; when a form of cinnamon is in toothpaste, it gives me  problems. In my case, I was eating at a restaurant with a friend when my reactions started. After months of using a certain toothpaste, my lips were constantly weeping; even wiping them off with a napkin didn’t help. How embarrassing!

My dermatologist said I was allergic to this ingredient.  I then had to avoid the toothpaste starting with an ‘A’.  I remember using Pepsodent, safely, after my visit with the doctor. But when I wanted my old toothpaste back, I couldn’t remember: was it Aim or Aquafresh that would be safe?

This question annoyed me for years. Finally I looked it up.  The site that gave me the most help was this one. I just had to plug in a name, and right away it came up on the list that had this ingredient. The other one did not show up at all, so now I know which toothpaste to buy safely.

Come to think of it, I used to put cinnamon on oatmeal. I’d start sneezing and wonder why. Now I know why! Bummer. I’ve always loved the scent of cinnamon as well.

I also found out that mint in toothpastes can be harmful to sensitive individuals. If you have issues with mint-flavored toothpaste, look it up on the site and see if it’s included.

This ingredient may also be in cosmetics. Maybe we should use this site for a lot of different products and brands.

Photo by Alexandra Kusper on Unsplash



  1. Christine Barnes Christine Barnes

    You may find that the sneezing was just because the cinnamon powder is so fine – I always mix mine with brown sugar as a coffee sprinkle to avoid inhaling it! It still smells as good (just ignore the calories lol!)

    • Inhaling is a good description of my experience with cinnamon! Thanks, Christine!

  2. Well, I never knew that.

    • Hi Sally,
      It was news to me too! Never would have guessed that in a million years. Thanks for your comment!

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