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New Book Review: Yeshiva Girl

Ta-da! I finished reading another book today.  I’ll review it here; it’s identical to my review on Amazon.

“This book was so well written, I felt I could relate to Izzy so much, and I wanted to hug her–or at least tell her that she has a lot of value as a person. This was not a light, sunny walk in the park by any means–but that’s what made it so compelling. The author used very descriptive words, engaging all the senses, and her dog has such a nice personality! “Grandpa” is a very nice person, too, and I felt for her mom as well as Izzy.

Don’t let the title fool you — this book is for people of all religions, not just Jews. I enjoyed hearing more about the Jewish religion and the differences between their branches; it’s similar to what Christians label as “denominations.”

The ending had a great scene with Izzy and her mom. I would like the author to write a sequel so I can know exactly what went down later, as well as how and when. It’d also be cool to read about Izzy as a grownup.

I hope to be a fine writer like Rachel some day!”

By the way, the author of this book did not know that I would be posting a review on Amazon or on this website. I just figure you might want to know about a book that I thought was fabulous.


      • Rachel — do you think you will be writing a sequel to your book? I know it would be wonderful. Consider it, please. 🙂

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