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A Question About Author Debbie Stanton Answered

If you’ve been a follower of Debbie (or Debb, as my friends call me) on the blogs Stanton Sunshine, Inner Sunshine and/or Debbie the Minimalist, you’ll realize I haven’t posted a lot. Where have I been? I was busy writing and self-publishing my first book, The Positive Side of Cancer: My Faith and Hope Journey With Breast Cancer published in August 2017 (e-book) and September 2017 (paper format). In March through May of 2018 I wrote the first draft for my novel, and it is now going through the editing stage.

While the publishing was going on, and during the writing of my novel and afterwards, I missed something. What I was missing was communicating with my followers via a blog.  Once I realized I was happiest when writing my blogs, the light dawned. I could start another blog (this time on my business website) to keep friends up to date on my writing pursuits and my life in general.

If you’ve been a follower of one or some of my former blogs, and would rather not be notified of new postings anymore, please contact me, and I’ll unsubscribe you. But: I hope you’ll stay with me. I’ll be here!

If you know any authors, or people who love to read, please let them know of my new website–I’d appreciate it! I aim to make this a place that has a little something for everybody. In the works is a newsletter coming up in January 2019.

Thank you, so very much, for reading this post today.

My first book



  1. Christine Barnes Christine Barnes

    So pleased to see you back blogging Debb. Reading this post made me realise how much I miss reading your posts – wishing you every success but more importantly every blessing and happiness in all that you are doing.

    • Thank you Christine, it’s so nice of you to reach out! Have you signed up for a subscription yet? (I don’t know if the former ones were able to be carried over to my new site.) Thank you for your blessing – I receive it. Thank you, sister!

      • Christine Barnes Christine Barnes

        Yes I have subscribed Debb so I’ll be reading regularly 🙂

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